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Coding Style Checker

(This page is mostly a stub)

The coding style checker used by the MPICH2 project is a simple yet general purpose Perl program that applies a set of rules to all source files in a directory tree.

The style checker is run every night by the script /home/MPI/nightly/updatetodo. The command that is used is

  /home/gropp/projects/software/buildsys/src/codingcheck -conf=mpich2 \
         -skipfiles=src/mpid/globus,src/mpe2,src/pm/smpd,src/pm/ompd,src/pm/forker,src/mpid/mm,src/mpid/rdma,src/pm/mpd/examples,src/mpid/ch3/channels/rdma,src/mpid/dcmfd \
        -checktest src examples test 

The options have the following meanings:

Apply the rules in configuration file. This is located in the the share/lib/coding directory of the buildsys project (currently in /home/gropp/projects/software/buildsys). The contents of this are described below.
Skip the files in the list. If the "file" is a directory, skip the directory and all of its members. This is used to skip directories from other projects that have their own (we hope) style guidelines and directories that are deprecated but still present in the source tree.
Apply the style checks to files in directories with a parent directory of test. This applies the style checks to the MPICH2 test programs.
src examples test
The remaining arguments are the files or directories to check.j

The configuration file

The configuration file defines the tests to be applied to the files in the MPICH2 project. In addition to some common tests, this defines MPICH2-specific tests. These include:

CheckForPMPI: Check for the use of PMPI routines instead of NMPI. Allow the use of PMPI in certain files (by testing on the filename).

The default tests include

Check for proper use of the C preprocessor, including standard directives and name format
Check for valid comments (e.g., avoid // in C programs) and process special comments (see below)
Check for functions whose use should normally be avoided (e.g., strcpy)
Check for possible problem is using the MPICH2 Nest_incr and decr
Check that Fortran source files do not contain tabs.

While processing comments, the style checker looks for these special forms:

Checks for the copyright
Checks for the standard preamble (setting the Emacs language and indent amount)
Checks for overrides for style checks, such as allowing the use of a function in the avoid-function list