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Parallel Environment Runtime Edition (PE RTE) configure, build, and test instructions

mpich testsuite instructions

From a mpich testsuite build directory, such as /home/johndoe/testsuite, invoke the configure script in the test/mpi directory of the mpich source.

$ /home/johndoe/mpich/test/mpi/configure \
   --srcdir=/home/johndoe/mpich/test/mpi \

The --srcdir configure option specifies the location of the testsuite source and the --with-mpi configure option specifies which mpi installation to use when compiling the tests.

Once configured, the tests can be compiled and executed using the make testing makefile rule. Specific make variables need to be specified depending on how the jobs are to be launched.


The host list file must be specified with the environment variable MP_HOSTFILE before testing starts. for more information on the host list file see section "Set the MP_HOSTFILE environment variable" in the Parallel Environment Runtime Edition online documentation.

export MP_HOSTFILE=/home/johndoe/host.list

To begin testing, change to the directory where the configure command was run (/home/johndoe/testsuite in this example) and invoke the following command:

make testing