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This template can be used to quickly change the color of a passage of text; use as follows:

{{color|color-name or code|text to be colored}}

"Color name or code" can either be HTML color names, X11 color names, or a hex triplet color code. If the text includes equals signs, initiate the second part with "2=", i.e.

{{color|color-name or code|2=text to be colored}}


{{color|Red|Roses are red}}<br>
{{color|Purple|Violets}} {{color|#AA00FF|are}} {{color|Blue|blue}}<br>
{{color|#000000|All}} {{color|#444444|of}} {{color|#888888|my}} {{color|#CCCCCC|base}}<br>
{{color|Yellow|Are}} {{color|Fuchsia|belong}} {{color|Aqua|to}} {{color|#1B5FB7|you}}

Roses are red
Violets are blue
All of my base
Are belong to you