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(Primers on MPICH contributions)
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== Primers on MPICH contributions ==
== Primers on MPICH contributions ==
*[[Version Control Systems 101]]
*[[Coding Standards]]
*[[Coding Standards]]

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Contributors' Agreement

For a person or company who wishes to submit a change to MPICH, you must first submit a signed contributors' agreement. http://www.mpich.org/documentation/contributor-docs/

Primers on MPICH contributions

Submit a Pull Request

The official MPICH git repository is located at https://github.com/pmodels/mpich. Changes should be submitted in the form of a "pull request". More info on pull requests can be found here: https://help.github.com/categories/collaborating-with-issues-and-pull-requests/. Some of the more relevant sections for outside collaborators are:

Tips for creating a pull request

  • Describe your changes, both in the pull request description and in each individual commit message.
    • Describe the underlying issue, whether it be a bug or a new feature.
    • Describe the user-visible impact it will have.
  • Separate your changes so that there is one logical change per patch.
    • Each patch should stand on its own merits. If a patch depends on a previous one, it is helpful to note that in the commit message.
    • Each patch in a series should be able to compile and run. This way bugs can be traced down using git bisect in the future.
    • How to Write a Git Commit Message