Creating New Bug Tickets

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Creating or editing a ticket requires you to have an active TRAC session.

Setting up an Active TRAC Session

Argonne MCS login: If you have an existing account on the MPICH2 TRAC system, you can directly login here.

OpenID login: You can use an OpenID account to login here. OpenID supports several commonly used accounts such as gmail, yahoo, blogger, etc. You can find the complete list here.

Manual Preferences: You can manually add information about you here and create a session. This session will remain active till you keep your browser open.

Creating a New Ticket

Once you have created an active session on your browser, you can create a new ticket here. Don't forget to add yourself to the cc list to make sure that you get updated of the ticket status.

Modifying an Existing Ticket

You can also view and modify existing tickets from here.