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This page contains instructions for working on the mpich2 website.

The live source for the website can be found at /nfs/web/ This directory is an SVN working copy that is used as a poor-man's deployment mechanism. The process is to commit changes to the SVN repository and then svn update the above directory.

The source for the site can be found in SVN. It consists largely of a straightforward set of PHP files. When making changes, you have three options (they are very similar):

  1. Pull down a working copy of the repository to your local machine with svn checkout www. Note that you will need SVN credentials under the current setup. The downside to this approach is that you can't see the effect of your changes as you make them without jumping through some hoops to setup a webserver on your local machine.
  2. Do the same as above but put the working copy in /nfs/web/$USER (let's call this $ROOT). Then edit $ROOT/inc/root.php and change part of the URL that says mpich2 to whatever your directory you put your working copy in.
  3. (not recommended) Use the existing mpich2staging directory that is a peer to the mpich2 directory that is the actual live site. This is just a setup version of #2 above, but you have the potential to stomp on someone else who might be using it. I would prefer if we only used this as a testing ground for people who chose option #1. That is, no manual edits in this directory, only svn update so that you can check everything is working as expected before running the same command on the live site.

Note that if you want to change the structure of the site (menus, some intra-site links, etc), you'll need to update several places. There are links inside of some pages, n the navbar at the top, and on the subnav on the left. These all live in separate PHP files, so take care when updating this type of link.

Finding broken links can be done in an easy and automated fashion with any number of tools. I ([email protected]) have used linkcheck with good success. Once we have the site cleaned up, we should probably run this nightly and have it send us a report if we break anything.