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This page exists to clarify the relationship between different objects (structures and the like) in MPICH2. Please update this page if you see something incorrect or otherwise lacking.

We just found an old design doc that explains some of this in additional detail. Take it with a grain of salt, because it was probably not updated along with the code as time went on.

Object types

  • VC - Virtual Connection
  • PG - Process Group
  • VCRT - Virtual Connection Reference Table
  • comm - Communicator
  • CH - the channel-specific portion of the VC

sock Specific

  • conn - connection, this is a proxy for the underlying tcp stream

Object relationships

There is exactly one PG per "MPI_COMM_WORLD". That is, in a typical MPI program, there is only a single PG. In the dynamic process case (such as MPI_Comm_spawn) there will be one for each world.

A VC represents a logical communication path between a pair of MPI processes. One endpoint is specified implicitly by which PG's comm_world "owns" the VC and the rank of the current process, while the other endpoint is a (PG,rank) pair.

A VCRT holds pointers to various VCs. Each communicator has a VCRT.

TODO: flesh this out more