Processing MPI Datatypes

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This page contains the beginning of information about using the MPICH Segment code to handle MPI Datatypes.

Pack and Unpack

(The following was extracted from a message from Rob Ross about MPID_Segment_pack and MPID_Segment_unpack).

The first and last parameters correspond to locations in a logical stream of bytes that is the serialized data. The tmpbuf is a pointer to the beginning of that data, which is assumed to be in a contiguous region. It is not a pointer to the beginning of the logical stream of bytes, because you might not have all the bytes at any given time.

So to properly handle the noncontig case, you basically need to (a) receive the data into some number of buffers, (b) call MPID_Segment_init() once, and (c) call MPID_Segment_unpack() once for each contiguous temporary buffer that you received data into, using the right first and last parameters to describe what part of the logical stream of bytes are contained in that particular temporary buffer.

To enable more extensive debugging output, you will definitely need to go into mpid_segment.c and define MPID_SU_VERBOSE and MPID_SP_VERBOSE at the top of the file to enable messages about pack/unpack. They will have the following fields:

  contig unpack: do=%d, dp=%x, bp=%x, sz=%d, blksz=%d

  do = offset from start of data
  dp = pointer to data
  bp = buffer pointer
  sz = size of a dataloop element (single type)
  blksz = count of dataloop elements

Vector unpacks will be similar, but will add:

  str = stride (distance from start of first block of elements to start of next block, in bytes)
  blks = number of blocks of elements

The blockindexed and indexed routines don't currently have debugging statements. You can change MPID_Segment_blkidx_pack_to_buf and MPID_Segment_index_pack_to_buf to NULL in MPID_Segment_pack (or similar in MPID_Segment_unpack) to eliminate the use of these functions if you're testing with indexed, struct, or blockindexed types and don't see debugging output. They are extremely unlikely to be the source of your bug, and can be safely re-enabled once you've got things working right with just vector and contig. For that matter, you could NULL out the vector processing functions and stick with just contig copies, for simplicity.