RMA Failures

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  1. New RMA failures in MPICH-3.2 release:
    1. ./rma/putfence1 occasionally TIMEOUT (jenkins)
    2. ./rma/getfence1 occasionally TIMEOUT (jenkins)
    3. ./rma/putpscw1 fails with Portals4, maybe related to a known Portals4 failure with ./rma/nullpscw (jenkins)
    4. mpich-armci has 3 additional failures, started from build 214 (jenkins)
    5. ./rma/put_bottom failed in special tests (jenkins)
    6. ./rma_put_base failed in special tests (https://jenkins.mpich.org/job/mpich-master-special-tests/compiler=absoft,jenkins_configure=async,label=ubuntu64/lastCompletedBuild/testReport/, https://jenkins.mpich.org/job/mpich-mxm/lastCompletedBuild/compiler=gnu,jenkins_configure=async,label=ib/testReport/), might be the same issue with put_bottom.