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== Current MPICH Parameter  Implementation ==
== Current MPICH Parameter  Implementation ==
The document [http://wiki.mpich.org/mpich/index.php/Parameters_in_MPICH]
The document [[Parameters_in_MPICH]]

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This page describes the design of the MPI Tool (MPI-T) Information Interfaces in MPI-3. MPI-T provides a set of interfaces for users to list, query, read and possibly write variables internal to an MPI implementation. Each such variable represents a particular property, setting or performance measurement from within the MPI implementation. MPI-T classifies the variables into two parts: control variables and performance variables. Control variables correspond to the current MPICH parameters, through which MPICH tunes its configuration. Performance variables correspond to the current MPICH internal instrumentation variables, through which MPICH understands its performance.

Current MPICH Parameter Implementation

The document Parameters_in_MPICH

Current MPICH Internal Instrumentation